A Message From the Chairs

Today’s financial valuation and financial litigation consultants face a constant uphill climb. They are navigating paths, some uncharted, where the market and need for services are constantly in flux.

The profession is also maturing, presenting rough terrain for competition and commoditization for services. Coupled with paradigm shifts on how to market professional services, build firm brand, and staying abreast of technical issues, you probably find yourself asking critical questions.

  • • How do I connect with my existing clients, retain them, and gain new ones?
  • • How can I distinguish myself to stand out from the competition?
  • • How do I grow my firm’s revenues?
  • • How can I refine my technical skills and gain confidence?

The NACVA and the CTI’s 2019 Annual Consultants’ Conference will offer answers to these questions and present strategies to empower you to build upon the trails you have already blazed.

On Your Journey to the Top, this year’s conference will address:

Change—Embrace it. Like it or not, we all have to, or be left behind.

Challenge—Nothing of value comes without it. Industry experts and a community of your like-minded peers will assemble in Salt Lake City to help you evolve and grow, but you must also stay the course.

Opportunity—Is ever present if we are equipped to seize it. Learn and develop new skills. Harness the power of new technologies. Capitalize on modern ways to market, brand, and communicate.

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2019 Annual Conference Co-Chairs